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Ford Focus ST 2.0 EcoBoost ST1 5 door

Ford Focus ST 2.0 EcoBoost ST1 5 door Hot
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Ford Focus ST 2.0 EcoBoost ST1 5 door
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2.0 EcoBoost ST1 5 door

Vehicle Stats

Quick stats:
Fuel Capacity : 55 litres | Fuel Type: Unleaded | Average Consumption (7.20 L/100km)
The Focus 5 Door Hatch features a Straight 4 engine, with 4 valves. Also features a 6 speed Manual gearbox.
Performance: 0-100km/h (0 - 60 mph) 6.50 secs reaching a claimed max speed of 248.00 km/h

Body Size

(w) 2010 cm (l) 4362 cm (h) 1484 cm
Ford’s new EcoBoost technology offers up to 20% better fuel economy and up to 15% less CO2, without sacrificing power and
maintaining the quality of Ford vehicles you’ve come to expect.
The 2.0L EcoBoost engine in the all-new FOCUS ST provides exceptional performance, with an exhilarating 184kW of power and 360Nm
of torque in a high-performance sports package, while still achieving an amazing 7.2L/100km. *
Using three proven engine technologies in harmony, namely advanced turbocharging, direct fuel injection and Twin Independent Variable
Cam Timing, it sets a new standard in fuel efficiency with reduced carbon emissions, outstanding performance and affordability.

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